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Vice Chairman of Korean Shinhan ,Kyung Sun Cho Awarded Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit!
Women’s Sense of Ergonomics Applied to Civil Works Site!
Vice Chairman of Korean Shinhan Eng. & Const.Co.,Ltd. ,
Kyung Sun Cho Awarded IronTower Order of Industrial Service Merit!
Focus on observing construction and overseeing local complaints rather than profit
Develop each stage with a sensitive writer’s heart - plain and simple stylish look
Shorten construction period with advanced technology and show dedication and a warm heart for local people”
On the 15th, a vice chairman of Korean Shinhan E&C Co., Ltd., Kyung Sun Cho, was awarded the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the opening ceremony of the double-tracked Gyeongwon Line (Euijeongbu – Dongan).
Since Shinhan was acquired in 2001, she has listened to local voices and shortened the construction time (Section 2 of the double-tracked Gyeongwon Line project which was launched in 1997) to meet urgent local needs and demands rather than concentrating on making a profit. Due to her public interest-centered management philosophy, she was honored to be awarded the prize.
With an emphasis on public interest and field-centered management, she has adopted PC revetment construction that requires approximately 30% additional construction costs compared to the existing method and shortened the construction period by 2 months. Because PC construction does not require mold form construction by assembling the already built revetment at the construction site, construction periods can be greatly shortened and local complaints can be prevented with little noise and dust generation. 
The Euijeongbu – Dongan double-tracked Gyeongwon Line project was a huge civil work project that lasted for 9 years with investments totaling KRW 209.69 billion. The project was successfully completed due to her dedication and Shinhan’s courageous adoption of a new construction method.
Korean Shinhan E&C Co., Ltd. started as a professional plant developer in 1968. Since developing an oil refinery in Singapore in 1972 (Korea’s first overseas plant development), the company has led overseas development in Korea.
For 38 years, Shinhan has played a leading role in many large-scale construction projects in Korea including oil refineries / petrochemical complexes, steel manufacturing facilities, railroads, highways, including the Gyeongbu Highway.
Now the company is promoting Mizien apartment and Cheonan Multi-purpose Railway Station & Shopping Mall development projects. In the overseas market, Shinhan has developed 23 elementary schools in Saudi Arabia, a petrochemical complex in Iran, a large-scale residential complex in California (US), and the Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Malaysia (Dec. 2006).
PR Team, Shinhan E&C Co., Ltd.
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